<3 is your friend,


in all that you do,


Love is the helping hand,


from heaven, for you...

In love




Let us shine! –


brighten the day –


fall into clouds,


that the wind blows away.




Let us float,


In the sea of togetherness,


let us remain,


in this beautiful happiness.



Let us run,


faster than light can do,


let’s take a rest,


where the light breakes through.




Let our eyes sparkle,


brighter than any star,


let us shine in the night,


let’s be together – where ever we are…






                                                               Copyright Einflügelengel®


                                                                     28.November 2012











that is what we are –




angels with one wing,




but the second lays so far…






We are




Onewingedangels –








our <3




can everyone




bring here better…









need each one ,




they fly better




when they are not alone,




when they fly together –






so they move,




as the wind blows,




they are a proof,




that shows:






Everyone <3,




even if he is small




because everyone




is an angel




with one wing –




and very tall;






Onewingedangels fly




for their second wing,




it seems a little high,




  <3 can us bring




to our last one wing.



Light in this world

Light in our world
Quelle aboutpixel/deweyethomson


Like light in this world




which brightens the night




which gives all stars rays,




is a mankind who <3






Wonderbuds the earth wants to bring,


do you want to see such a beautiful thing?




Wonderbuds bloom here in love and humanity,


are you looking for love and humanity,


more often than just currently?






in our life, bloom,


in every part,


where ever love fills the room-


without reward.




They come out


from gardens of thought,


on your ground,


every time-


when solid values


they have found.




A wonderbud is


what you are,


are you open


or is your <3 away 

or too far?











A lovely idea

Einflügelengel®Dewrose - a lovely idea


A <3<3 idea




makes the world




an <3 better.